When a Millennial Does a Self-Care Challenge

What happens when a Millennial does a self-care challenge? Do they get even lazier? Does their head get so big it explodes? Let’s find out!

Check out the trend in Google searches for “self care” since 2013:

Self-Care Challenge

People are into it, especially Millennials. Why? A mental health and digital literacy expert quoted by NPR credits the Internet and their upbringing. Millennials are more aware of self-care tools, better understand mental illness, and are looking back on the sorry work-life balance of parents and grandparents thinking, I want to do it differently.

I was born in 1987, smack-dab in the middle of the Millennial generation. So, I dig self-care. For me, that means stuff that calms, recharges or enlightens. I’m (fairly) dedicated to exercise and healthy cooking. But, like a true Millennial, I want to do more for my self-care and actively plan for it.

Enter the Brit + Co 21-Day Self-Care Challenge, which was intended to be followed in JANUARY 2017. Better late than never. For the next three weeks, I’ll be sharing the self-care activity ‘o the day and Grade A commentary.

Let’s go!

Day 1: Try something new, just for you

Day 2: Plan a vacation/staycation

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