The Short Story

  1. Most played Spotify track: Silence by Marshmello ft. Khalid
  2. Last gift I gave: I recently gifted my mom the fixins’ for Aperol Spritz, a cheery orange aperitif that originated in Northeast Italy. We enjoyed it like water on our recent trip to Italy. Mix two ounces of Prosecco, two ounces of Aperol and a splash of soda water over ice.
  3. Last gift I received: My preferred outfit. Pajamas.
  4. Favorite chore: Grocery shopping. I’d even do yours.
  5. My ideal parade: A parade of cats on the beach in October.
  6. Do I believe in Bigfoot? Yes! Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, the Sixth Sense, et al.
  7. The story behind my name: “C” names run in my family. My last name means “onion” in Polish.
  8. My secret ingredient: Add a splash of white vinegar to your guacamole. Game changer!
  9. A book I’d read more than once: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
  10. Favorite place besides home: Easy! Anywhere in Northern California. Trips to Big Sur, Napa Valley, Sonoma and San Francisco are the most memorable.

The Long Story

With an Indiana dad and an L.A. mama, I’m a Midwest meets West Coast gal. I value tradition, family and simplicity as much as I dig balance, wellness and discovery.

I grew up in the Chicago suburbs but visited family in Southern California every summer. Meaningful memories of time spent in Lake Arrowhead and Palm Desert inspired me to move west for college. I landed at Chapman University in Orange County, California to study broadcast journalism. I was thrilled to be living in my “second home” but, as an only child, I was also longing for more time with family. So, I transferred closer to the University of Missouri School of Journalism – the world’s first and finest. (It’s also where my paternal grandparents met!)

After college I moved to downtown Chicago and spent the next eight years creating content for a variety of industry-leading organizations. I dabbled with different jobs and hobbies, looking for the one thing I was “meant” to do. You could call me a curious cat. But a book I read at age 30 convinced me I don’t need to choose. Having lots of interests isn’t scatterbrained. It’s fascinating and feeds the soul! So, I left corporate America to start my freelance writing business and this blog. As a dabbler, I love the variety and flexibility that came with this big life move.

I live on the West Side of Chicago with my husband and fierce kitty cat, Shirley. In my free time I love to cook, travel, watch documentaries, read a book on the porch, and explore all the city’s good eats.

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